Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There's a lot of prayers. For me, as a Catholic, I used to pray Rosary and the other prayer. Lately, my parents introduce me to this prayer which is The Rosary of Liberation. I think it's a good prayer tho.Try it!

The Most "Lifeless" days in my life TT

Been back home since Aug from my practical training and life has been quite unproductive since then. Oh my!Feels so empty,lonely and miserable. I'm officially jobless for almost 4 months now. 

No job, no work and no money but it's good tho because now I start to appreciate every money that given by my parents. It's hard to be jobless.

X'mas too won't be as exciting as the past years. No more celebration. No more presents.No more good food. But I'm grateful to be close with my family for this 4 months. After almost 3 years away from home for my Diploma, this is the longest holiday.

I don't know when will I get a job. I'm trying to get one lately. I pray that I'll get one. God's will.

Oh yeah been watching this awesome K Drama lately~