Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Papers

Safe Work Procedure paper:

 Didn't do well. The question looked so EASY, but I find it hard to recall it. I cannot remember everything I've learnt but I'm glad I can always rely on my logical side. I answered it all based on my logic understanding. 

Emergency Response Planning: 

Yay!Am done with it just few hours ago. I'm glad I did much better than yesterday but there are some  of the little things that I cannot remember. Nevermind, as long as I can answer all question. It's a habit to never leave a blank space in the paper. Mum said "as long as you answered everything eventhough it's not a right answer but at least you're trying your best."

2 done, 3 to go~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Proud to be Malaysian

..because this is product made by malaysian. Awesome!

Wish me luck

...for my finals, okay? I'm going to start doing revision today. Exam is tomorrow( Monday) and I suddenly have the mood to study :). During study week, what did I do? I do NOTHING except sleeping,eating,sleeping,eating...during the entire time. I don't know why but seems like my mind and body still tired from the hectic schedule in College( excuses?;p) Also, the weather is helping me too during my hibernation because it is raining everyday and during the night it's even colder ( raining during I'm typing)

So, that's what my activity. I also didn't have the mojo to blogging but when it comes watching korean dramas, I have the mood. 

Note to self: Good luck with the exam and all the best. (Aiming 4.00 this semester (;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Eye Candy: #2 Julien Kang

                        Source: Julian Kang's twitter

Watched running man ep 89 and suddenly Julien appeared. Quite handsome and manly too. Can't wait to watch the High Kick 3.

My Eye Candy: Leo Mccormick

My eye candy. Stumbled upon some website while searching for someone ;)
He's pretty cute, right? ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Yesterday and today #2

Yesterday: Holy Thursday


Today: Good Friday

Allow our desires for our particular taste in beauty to be placed in the scales with the scandal of the crucified and give more time to utterly silent prayer.

Have a blessed Good Friday everyone who celebrate Easter  today. I'm pretty sad because I cannot participate in it actively for the past 2 years. Forgive me Lord.

"We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world."

Want to watch this but...

I still have to study for my exam and prepare myself for next week presentations TT

Just for laugh?

I've been watching this just now. Pretty entertaining.

and like usual, I cannot stop myself from watching them :) Both of them are so funny and cute too!

Procrastination week

This week I only have 3 classes out of 5 and it gave me the freedom to lazying around while I still have tons of stuff to be done. Am stress and that's why I procrastinate more. Sleeping timetable is messed up this month. Holy week this week which I didn't have a chance to participate. How do you expect me to go to the Church when I have no transportation at all. Besides, it is located 20 minutes from my rented house. Sorry Lord. I'm a sinner.

So, instead of doing research for my group presentations which are on Thursday and Friday next week, I do other things. Never-mind tho, because I know if I'm stress, I cannot do anything.

p/s my Bro just came inside my room and told me that one of our friend think his eyes is not that awesome anymore and remind me again, and again that I should take a good care of my eyes too ;))

I know this picture is not related to my story at all but I put it coz i liked this picture oaky :D

Monday, April 2, 2012

Stop abortion

I wonder why there's some women's out there who choose to abort their unborn baby when they are some women's who are willing to ignore their ownself in order to save the lives of their unborn babies. Taking an example, Jennifer Lake who sacrificed herself for the love of his son. Her brave decision that delivered a clear message on how a mother's love. I hope that women who's consideing on going to an abortion should read her story. Please avoid abortion. There are many peoples out there who're trying to save their unborn baby and why opt for abortion?Please stop.

Read her amazing story *here*

Souce: Jenni's Journey Facebook

This is another an eye- opener for me on how great is our God, the miracle that had happened to this family. Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him dead

3 weeks to go..

before the end of my 6th Semester. This 3 weeks is the most important time left for me to change my exam result. I'm going to start my revision starting today. It's not going to be easy considering the fact that I have 5 subjects this semester. Safe Work Procedure, Emergency Response Plan, Office English, Machinery Safety and Occupational Stress please be good to me :D I'm not going to do the last minute revision anymore like what I used to do for the 5 Semesters. Although I passed with flying colours in my finals but I'm not really happy with it. It's not that I'm not grateful with that, I find it a blessing from God. It's just that I think that the cramming is not a good thing. I have been thinking a lot lately. What is the purpose of taking my Diploma in Safety and Health? Am I just want to pass the exam or it's because of the education itself( knowledge) ? I promise myself that I'm going to achieve both. I'm going to have a good result in my finals. Also, to obtain an appropriate knowledge and an adequate education for my safety and health industry. I want to be a competent Safety and Health Officer. 

I find it soothing

I am in the state where listening to Daniel Powter's songs can simply lift my mood. I know this songs is kinda old but it's fine because I like it.

Love You Lately

Free Loop

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yesterday and today

Yesterday was 31st March 2012 which is the Earth Hour. Do I supporting it? Sorry to say, but I don't. Still remember when the past years, where I worked as the service assistant( F&B department) at this restaurant in Kinabalu Park. The whole restaurant were all dark and all of us only using a candle for 1 hour. Isn't that great? All the restaurant customer which almost 90% of them are the foreigners. They were amazed. I think there only 1 light available. I still remember hugging one of the baby belongs to one of the foreigner. I think I need to help the baby's mum since she's cannot enjoy her meal because she need to hold his son. I'm glad I was able to help her.

Today is the April Fool the day when I really hate especially during my school days. It's just something that is annoying especially the fact when people were up to something that is really over limit. I'm glad I didn't experience something that really awful during April Fool. I still remember when I am in the high school, one of my classmate said that one of the discipline teacher want to meet me and without realising it was the April Fool day, I went to that teacher. I'm glad that they were able to stopped me before I will be embarrassing myself. The only thing I remembered after that is that my classmates were laughing. That's it. I'm glad that today, in my College years it happen to be on Sunday. So, nothing happened.

Going to watch running man: the Ha Ji Won and Han Ga In episodes. Good night :))