Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The cat touch her very gently xD

Cuteness overload!
Look at the 0:12
It's like "hey,pat me.Pat me"

Monday, February 27, 2012

Too much to think yet very little sleep....

and it makes me so CRANKY. Thinking on how should  I done my group assignment that supposed to be a 4 person effort alone. This is why I really hate group assignment.

Feeling so down today. Didn't talk much like usual. Frustrated with myself actually because I'mm just making myself look so unfriendly. I should at least talk to this few new people in my College but I didn't do it. Sigh. Maybe it's because of my mood.

Okay, let's go to the bright side. Today, I've passed up my safe work procedure assignment and feeling so relieved. The burden at my shoulder seems reducing itself. I'm happy. Really happy. So, basically for this 6th Semester I have 4 more assignments to go.

Thinking of my parents and my little baby too, my kitten, Micky. Haish. Homesickness. Also thinking about money too. How I wish I can work now so that I can support my family and give my parents a much better life. It's not that I'm really ungrateful about my current life, it's just that I want to pay my parents for what they've done. Really, I'm going to get a job and support them financially.

Haven't sleeping for 1 day already and I think I should sleep now so my mood going to be better.

Good night~

Sometimes It may be too hard to do it alone

sometimes it may feel too hard to do it alone

Sometimes it may seem like you can't figure it out by yourself. Sometimes will and strength and courage are not enough. Sometimes in your life you will need to call out for help. Call on God. God will be there

Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's 02:31 am and my eyes still didn't show any sign of tiredness yet even after many  hours infront of my lappy.

Just now,someone just cook and there's another one. I could hear it all because my room is the nearest with the kitchen. I could hear the housemates bursting into laughing while they're playing game. It's like weird you know. Maybe this is the normal student's schedule. I'm happy because now, I find other people who's really have the same sleeping pattern as me and I think I'm normal too. It's hard to find someone who's sleeping at 8am and wake up at 3pm. Here, I found them.

Watching the korean drama here and doing my assignment as well as facebooking. Multitasking enough?:)

It is good to serve God in darkness and trial! We have only this life to live by faith. ~ St. Therese

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Korean Drama #1: The Greatest Love #2: Lie To Me

To sum up....what I've been watching lately. The drama that making me experience a great roller coaster journey about love.

"The greatest love"

I just have to love it. I think this is the greatest drama that I've seen after Autumn in my heart. It's just nice and I love it. It's not too complicated and it's making my heart feels like I'm in love. haha.

 What I watch now at this moment?

"Lie To Me"
The story is nice but I'm not really interested with the male actor. Maybe I'm still attached to Dokko Jin ;)

Still have lotsa drama to watch.  I got it from my friends who's working at the College. It's like we're having this barter system and we've been exchanging korean drama.

It's good though. Rather spending my time thinking over my problems, isn't it good to forget about it for a moment?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ft Island 4th Mini Album..

...there's only a few songs that I like.

This is such a good song. Also, I can hear each of the member voice because each if them have their own part for this song.
Lee Hongki never dissapoint me with his powerful voice. Like him~

My Saturday..

...I spent it by sleeping until 14:30. Then take a bath and sitting at the edge of my bed while dreaming. A few minutes later my brother asked if I'm hungry and I said yes. So, he cooked the lunch today. I'm grateful because he offered to cook because I'm not in the mood to do anything today.

Now, I'm sitting at my study table. Updating my blog while finding some material for my safe work procedure assignment.

I know. My saturday is the most boring way to spend. My housemate is all gone. They went to somewhere, meeting their friends etc. while me on the other way just stuck in the small room of mine ( the room that I've rent). I wonder what will my Saturday will be on the next year as I will not gonna be here anymore. I'm curious wheter my Saturday gonna change? or it will remain the same? or it will be better? I don't know. Gonna blog it next year then.

Lappy is getting better...

....and I'm pretty happy because that's mean I can do my assignment. Sadly, after the reformatting last time, I cannot have an access to the Microsoft Word.

At least I can have my enterainment back. I can online, watching korean drama and reading all my e-book.

My assignment? Gonna borrow someone lappy. I hope someone is willing to lend their lappy for me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Another Type Of Person in The World

There's this one kind of man which is cannot stand when it come to other people happiness. He will start to criticize whatever you do without thinking if his word would hurt me deeply or not. He's weird you know. I hope I will never met someone who's having this really bad attitude. I really cannot stand it anymore. Lord, please give courage to be strong so that I will not lose my hope because of this one type of man. His mouth, his attitude, and his way of thinking. Lord, help me so that will stay strong.

I'm Back To....

...normal, I guess?!

Arranging some folders that have been ignored for almost 1 month already. Suddenly, I feels like I have to start doing my assignment. For 2 assignments, I only have 1 week left, 2 other assignment, I have 1 month to go and there's one assignment that haven't given. To tell you the truth, I never do my assignment 1 week earlier like my attempt this semester. I don't know, it suddenly hit me. I should change. To the better of course. So, the 2 assignments going to be my priority this week.

Yeah! The old me is back! The old "Nerd and Proud" has come back. To add to that, the perfectionist and organizing self too has back.

So, hello to old self. Nice to meet you.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Their Way Of Life in The Past..

I bet many of you will always hear from your parents how hard their life is when they're young.

My dad used to tell my siblings and I, how hard their life is.It is not easy even when they're going go to school. They ( my dad and his siblings) used to walk for hours before they reach their school. My grandfather was a heavy drinker so their life depends on my grandma. Luckily, my grandma is really hardworking and she will do almost anything to make a money. My father will help her at the paddy fields when the school was over. My grandma also sell this kind of handmade alcohol and she also selling the homemade ice cream. They have no this and no that.

Meanwhile, my mum life is not that hard. My mum having a moderate life. Both of my grandparents are working and life is not that bad compared to my fathers but they also have their downturn too.

My parents often reminds me that I should appreciate my life. No matter how hard my life is, I should always grateful for that is what God gives me. His blessings.To be thankful for all of the opportunities I have nowadays when they didn't even have a chance to feel during the past time.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What am I Giving Up For Lent?

Giving up. Giving Down. Giving in.

I'm going to make the lenten sacrificies.

I'm Reading The Holy Bible Today...

and I found some interesting yet uplifting verse on Mat 6:25-34

I read through the verse and jot it down. I have this kind of book or diary where I will write the verse that I find very interesting or really suitable as a motivation when I'm really down. So, after reading it, I look the past pages and I found the same verse but it's only on the word 34 which is said " So, do not worry about tomorrow: tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of it's own."

I'm really shocked as I've just read and wrote it down just now and at this moment I found the same verse but it's been written for the past 6 years. I've been writting it since I'm still in high school and now I'm writing it again when I'm in Collge.Yes, I've been using the same book for 6 years.

I don't know how to describe this feeling but all I can tell is that I felt there's something special about this verse and I too feeling so warm inside my heart.

Lord, Mother Mary, St. Therese, All the Saints and my guardian angel, thanks. I'm really grateful.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Should I... my assignment without my lappy?my lappy is dying and I don't have any other options left. I cannot use the computer lab at my college for some reasons. I don't know how should I prepare and do my assignment and presentation slides. I'm at the dead end. I'm left with no choice even not a chance. Lord, please help me.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Am I Strong Enough...

to face all of this challenges?will I be strong to carry this heavy cross on my shoulder?

I've got to face the same problem again and again. To do the things which I'm unwilling to do. To force my self to smile when I'm hurting inside.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thank You...

Lord, for all the blessings I've received, I'm really grateful.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Don’t Wanna Go Back…

…to my College T__T but still, have to.....

leave for the sake of my future..