Friday, March 27, 2015

Still remember my boss?

One of the practical trainee is going to end her 3 months duration. Boss asked me where is a great place to eat? I'm like What??So he actually want to show his appreciation towards the trainee and he's going to treat us tomorrow.

In my eyes he is still the Crazy Boss but from today I realized that he have this soft spot in his heart.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I know I shouldn't believe in dreams. I just want to recall back.
I dreamt of jumping from a high rise building. In the dream, I'm so happy because I finally overcome my fear of height.



Mom and I fought about breakfast. Mom cooked instant noodle with an egg. I hate it because the strong smell of the egg. At the end, mum make me a new instant noodle with a fried egg. Mum end up eating the first one.

Dad still talking about the benefits of vitamins. Dad asked me if I could do all the exercise for my new job offer. It's related with Fire Services. I have to be fit enough to pass the fitness test. Dad is surprised when I told him I cant do pumping.

Oh well

Monday, March 16, 2015

My Monday

Good Morning, peeps..

Woke up to the loud bang on my door. Oh,it's Monday and that means I've to go to work. Eat breakfast, talk to mum,dad and bro as well as micky the cat.
Since I don't drive, my dad need to drive me to work as well pick me up. I am too lazy to cook,so my mom have to wake up early in the morning to prepare my breakfast as well as my lunch. Mom have to rush so I could go to the office 7.30am sharp. Love you mum.

On my way to the office, dad keep asking if I already take my supplements with a reminder that Vitamin C should've be taken on empty stomach as it will cause a gastric. My  dad is not a doctor but he's really concern about the family's health.

Arrived at the office 7.41am.Thank you dad for never failed to send me on time each day.

As soon as I arrived on my cubic, I noticed a cup of  coffee that's been on the table since Saturday. Ah, why am I like this? I'm not sure.

Now, I should do my work instead of doing stuff online but here I am. Blogging. Tweeting.

Monday, I don't have Monday blues.