Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm So Not Looking Forward For Tomorrow

I'm feeling down. Yes you heard me. DOWN.UNMOTIVATED.

Yesterday = my presentation day. Eventhough my lecturer said my group was the best group, I felt nothing. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just too tired for I have been so busy doing and preparing my last minute presentation slide. I do felt grateful that everything went well and that's it. I came back home, playing game, walked to the bank to checked my money which is so depressing because it haven't been banked in yet and sleeping until today. Mum called and I heard Micky's meowing loudly at the back. Maybe I'm miss my family and Micky too much until I cried when I go to sleep yesterday. I don't know what's wrong with me but I feels like there's something really missing here, deep inside my heart and I don't even know what is it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Effects?

I've been putting an all niter for this past few days. I even didn't remember for how many times I have take a bath due to stress. I only slept for 2 maximum 2 hours and now you know what I felt? I'm having headache, I felt like vomiting, I'm super sensitive and all the negative kinda thing. Oh i know how to describe it. IT'S MOODY. I hate it if I'm being moody because I know the people around me will be affected but it's just that I couldn't control it. Everything feels so wrong. I hate you, moody day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's about me

I'm going absolutely insane and nobody has notice..

...except my Bro. Not really insane but almost. I've been doing my assignment for 2 days in a row. I didn't have time to take a bath. I didn't even realize that I've been wearing the same clothes for 2 days. Why? I'm doing my last minute assignment so that's why. My lecturer gave me this assignment 1 month ago and I didn't even do anything during that looooonnnnnggg time but due to my procrastination behaviour, this thing happened. This 2 weeks will be the presentation week which is almost the stressing week for me since I'm not really good in communicating. I mean, I'm not good when talking in front of people. In my class, I have 45 classmate plus the lecturer,make it 46. I'm pretty nervous eventho it's my 5th semester already. 1 more semester to go. That's mean I only need to do 1 presentation to go next semester. YAY!!

~I wonder how I do it. I mean how I do I survive in my past 5 semester presentation ;(


Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Sorry for being a Professional Procrastinator

I am. I'm pretty sure I am. For my 5th semester for my diploma, I'm still using this method.I liked it actually. Actually, I have only 4 days to finish up all my assignments and presentation slides as I am the group leader.I have 4 assignments and presentation slide to go. Do I regretting it now?No, I don't.Am I nuts?No,I'm not.It's just that I liked to do last minutes thingy. I've tried to do it as soon as possible when my lecturers are giving it to me LAST SEMESTER but sadly I only do it halfway. So, if I doing it like this,I mean on my way I can finish it up for 2 days only. Strangely enough? I think I can only do things well when I'm tensed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Damn you hormone...

...coz playing with me today. I'm trying my best to control my crankiness today. Bro asked me why I kept following him and I felt like being ignored. My friend ask me to do all the task for the group assignment and I'm yelling at her. Even got asked by my lecturer in today's class.Gosh. I'm glad I can answered him. He asked my what is the significance of having a safety training in a company? My answer: To comply with the OSHA 1994. I think I'm falling in love with all of this law thingy. I used to hate it but as time passed by I realized law is not that hard. It only required reading and interpreting.I fall in love with law.

After all of the moodiness, I felt much better. Cooked dinner today,eat dinner,drinking coffee with crackers and now sitting infront of my lappy.

Today, I choose to be productive. I'll try my best to finish up all of my assignment today or at least this week. 
 For this semester, I have 5 subjects but I dropped 1 subject to make my life a whole lot easier. 3 group assignment, 1 individual assignment and 4 presentation.Wish me luck~

I Wonder How is it FEELS like to...

....have a cousin/s. I do have cousins but we're living miles away. Also, because the family conflicts,I'll never get to know them. I wonder what the difference when you have a cousin.Is it the same relationship you have with your best friend or was there any border between you and your cousin?I wonder.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I'm Listening To Lately

Hongki looked so cute here ;)

They grew up a bit I think ;))

I've always love their songs

My Bro said that they're quite old to sing something like this and defensively I said; age doesn't meant anything coz they're still the same like they were used to be years ago :))

I know this kinda old right but I still love this song. I find it quite interesting for Jong Kook who is also known as Sparta in Running Man could dance cutely in this Mv.Yeah, if you're watching Running Man you'll know how fierce he is :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

If It Kills Me

"If it kills me,
If it kills me,
It might kill me"

Ever heard people die out of emptiness? Nope. I'm determined to fill my emptiness by listening to music.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Torn Between The Choices For My Future

I'm still alive. Currently busy with studies as I have 1 semester left before graduating :D:D. I'm really excited yet I'm pretty scared to leave my student life because I know things will not going to be the same again when I'm working already.As a student, I have so much time learning about all of the theories but I know when I'm working later, I have to put all of these theories into practical. I don't know yet on what industry I will be working with but clearly it has to be either Oil & Gas, Shipping or Construction Industry. I've asked my lecturer who's working as a Safety & Health Executive about my future as a fresh graduate student. I know it will be a bit challenging for me to find a job as all of the vacancies requirement needed at least someone who have 3 years experience but my lecturer said it's not gonna be that hard as I will still be considered if the company really need someone to fill the position. I'm really hope so that everything will be fine :)