Friday, April 25, 2014


off to Miri today.
Gonna face exit exam and viva presentation tomorrow.
Scared and excited at the same time.
Thrilled too.

Note to Self: Fear will not kill/ hurt you!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life as a parasites

I thought I knew so much about life. It's twists and turns but I'm wrong. I hate it when nothing ever going out my plan. 

My dream is to finish study, get a job, save a lotsa moolah and to be able to support my family financially.

I do finish my study but I still cannot get my certificate due to some problems with my college. How am I going to get a job without a certificate of my Diploma? How am I going to support my family when I cannot even support myself. Feels like a parasites in my parents house. Not being able to contribute anything, instead I'm the one who's sucking everything in my surrounding.

Jobless. Hopeless. Depressed.

Some said "be strong", "cheer up", etc. but how am I gonna do that in this state?

One thing I'm gonna do is to simply grateful for every single day that I've been through and for every breath I take because somewhere there's someone who fighting to be alive.