Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Family Matters

I have 1 older sister which is now 30 years old, 2 older brothers aged 25 & 24 years old, 1 younger sister which is 20 years old and here am I, 22 years old. So, basically I have 5 sibling and I'm the 4th. Growing up in that "big" family, there's a lot of personality you can see in my family. Both of my sisters don't want to tense up with all of the problems. They want to live their life with less problems/ no problems at all. So, if my parents have a problem, they will be the one who will run away. My 2nd brother, he's quite okay with it. He can tolerate with the family problem while my other brother is not really good in handling problems. He cannot stand with the tense & awkward situations. In the end, it was me. What me? It was me who need to be someone who will be hearing all of my family problems. It will always be me who will be giving my opinion to both of my parents. Sometimes, I wonder how can I be patient & strong enough to face with it. Sometimes, eventho I'm crying inside of my heart, I cannot show it up because I need to be strong so that my parents will always think that they can count on me. Maybe it's my talent. To heard the problems, to solve it, to give my honest opinion and so on.

Today, at 7am my mum called me. I know my parents argue with each other again but it was surely not a serious matter at all because I knew tomorrow or the day after tomorrow things will get better again. Things will be back like usual. My mum of course will tell me every details about it. I know for some of you, sharing the problems with your children is not good at all but for me, I don't mind. I really want to share their burden. I want to lessen their problems. At 9pm, my dad called but for sure he will not tell me anything and he will talk as if nothing happened. Sometimes, I felt funny. I don't know why.  But that's what family all about right? After all they are my beloved family.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Semester break my own way

After spending almost 1month plus 2 weeks of my own added holiday, now I'm back to college. urghh..boleh buat cuti sendiri? of course boleh, as long as you need to be mentally prepared when you're going back to college because the lesson is already started for 2 weeks already. So, now, I need to catch back everything that I missed especially the lecture's notes and luckily my classmates saves it for my bro and I..

Why we were extending my semester break? Because my Bro & I felt like the 1month break given by the college is not enough for us. That's the 1st reason. Then, my Bro need to wait for his new identity card that will take almost 1month to be done and me? of course because I need to get treated for my Hyperthyroid. At first, my parents didn't agree with us but after convincing them with our past semester results, we managed to have our extra 2 weeks.yay.

What I do during the whole semester break? I spent it with my beloved family. I will follow them wherever the go since I cannot bear the thought of being far from them. I started to appreciate my parents home-cooked meals and I ate like there will be no tomorrow. It shows by my 7KG weight gain. Yes, you heard me. When I'm going back to my hometown,my weight is 58 KG and after all of those "holidaying" my weight is now 65KG. I don't care about my weight anymore because I know I will loss it back when I'm away from them for this 2 months.

Arghh, it's only been 28hours since I left home but I started to miss them all at home. I know they feel the same too.

~2months to go before I can go back home"(