Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I am sorry for walking?

I am alone here in Miri and am currently doing my industrial training at this one company. I have no cars so I have to use public transportation and walk for around 10 minutes. My company have a guard house in front of the main gate so they surely saw me walking to work. They was like "hey,you're walking today?" I really want to answer: YES and SO WHAT?? WHY DO THEY NEED TO BE FUCKING BUSY BODY?So WHAT IF I"M WALKING TO WORK?IT"S NOT LIKE IT IS SO WRONG TO WALK?!!

Maybe because I'm the only one who'd didn't have a car. The cleaner even have a car.
But how did you moron expect me to have a car when I am only a student??!I don't even worked yet!
My mum was right. She said all the guard is not even educated and they won't understand the simple thing like this.


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