Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Jobless Thought

Hey, there. I'm still OFFICIALLY jobless. No, I'm not proud being jobless. It's more like kinda depressing to be sitting in the room, facing the wall each day and wondering if there's any hope for me? To have at least a decent job to support my family or at least have enough income to support myself?Well I don't know and I'm not sure.

Feels like I still have long way to go. So many life achievement that is yet to be achieve. Depression, insomnia, nightmares and etc. keep attacking me. Every time I'm going to bed, my mind racing. How am I gonna get money to pay my study loan debt with me being jobless. What should I eat?How should I pay all the bills?I don't know. I'm scared. 

Never did I ever imagine for my life to be turned out like this. 

But there's always one thing that I'm always grateful for is to have this journey called life. To be able to be just ALIVE.STILL BREATHING. I think i just need to be strong because this life I have is not an easy path yet I'm grateful. Always.

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