Thursday, April 16, 2015


Happiness is when I’m so hungry but when I check my drawer there is no food left. What’s left is only a cream cracker plastic because I’m too lazy to throw it away and I think it’s been 2 weeks since I ate it. I want to throw it away but then when I grab the plastic there is a piece left. Yes!
Happiness is when I’m able to help strangers. I tried my best to help them even though I’m so busy with my work.
Happiness is when a guy from my workplace asked for my number. I gave to him. He message me right away. What a gentlemen he is. I found it rare to meet a real gentleman nowadays. The guy who is honest like this caught my attention. I still remember last month I gave a hint to a guy that I liked him. He didn’t do anything. I’m so pissed off. If he doesn’t want me, just say it to my face. Don’t give me hope.
Happiness is when my colleague willing to walked so that they could visit me at my cubic.

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