Saturday, September 12, 2015

My ex-boyfriend name Welly

I met this man named Welly at my workplace. He is using the old tactic to woo me. Surprisingly, I got attached at this man. We met and talk in the phone often. What I liked about him is the fact that he is the eldest child from 8 siblings. That makes me feel like he would be a responsible person. He also 3 year older than me which is what I want.

We went out on our first date. He picked me up far away from my house. Maybe he is afraid to meet my parents. Everything is going well until I realize his habit. When we talked, his eyes would attached to my boob. Then, he often looked at his phone. This is the thing that annoyed me after the first case.

The day after our first date, we still contact each each other. Then, a week after we just stopped  talking. I think it's over even though we didn't decide on anything yet.

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