Saturday, July 2, 2011

Study Week

So, basically, now all I have to do is to do my revisions since it was study week. My final will start on 11 July and last on 12 July. As you know, this semester is the short semester so my lecturer said based on the credit hour, it was advisable to take maximum 2 subjects. I've asked the management of my College if I could add up my subjects because I think 2 subjects feels like wasting my time but sadly the answer was NO.

For the Occupational Health 2, I'm pretty confident that I could score an A for it but for the other subject which is Ergonomics had always made me worried. Since the first day of this semester, seems like I find it hard to understand it well. I think I will use this study week time properly. I wish I could do well in this semester. So, do my Bro.

~Happy Saturday~

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