Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Limit

Living in the same house & in the same class with my older brother really have it's own pros and cons. Last Friday, it is our turn to do our presentations in class but each of us presenting in our own group where he is the group leader for his group and I'm the leader for my group.

So, while I'm in the middle of my group presentation, the lecturer's suddenly said "eh, what are you talking about, this act actually have the new & revised version. The act that you're talking is the old one". On that moment, I realized that my expressions changed. Am frustrated and it's all shown in my face during the whole presentation.

My Bro who happen to be on the class at that time said "why your face like that...why your expression like that ..I think you can do better than that...why did you didn't do more research...etc" and it's goes on for 2 days. He'd been talking over the same thing until today.

Me?I remain silence for that 2 days because I know I've done nothing wrong. I've asked and shown my presentation slides to my lecturer and he said that what he want. That's why I feel so frustrated when the lecturer saying that thing only on my presentation day. Also, my expression. How am I suppose to control that. If you're in my feet, after working so hard only to heard that on your presentation? I'm frustrated and it's hurting me..

30 minutes ago, my Bro said the same thing. This time, I cannot hold it anymore. I've exploded. The anger that I've hold inside my heart for this past few days, I've splashed it to my Bro with my violent words that he  never heard before. I let it out. All out. I'm not going to remain silence again.

My Bro? Of course he'd shocked and I think he's not going to talk about it anymore.

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