Monday, June 25, 2012

Korean Drama #8: Rooftop Prince

I am currently watching this drama. It is pretty confusing at the first episode but as time goes by, I began to understand the flow of this drama. I like it because this is different from any other Korean Drama that I've watched because of the era combination( Joseon and modern era).

Fantasy, Comedy and Romance. The genre itself tells everything. Sometimes, I found myself laughing, in love and also sad while watching this drama. Mind you, this drama will make you have a mixed feelings. 

This is the part when they're pulling pranked by ringing people's door bell ;D

The romantic part =)

Noticed the hero? I think all of you know who's the Prince, right?JYJ's Yoochun. Awwwee. He's too cute. Both Yoochun and Jung Yoo Mi are so talented in delivering the right emotion and feeling. What I liked the most is their excellent chemistry.

Don't forget to watch this!

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