Monday, June 25, 2012

It's over TT

I mean my 2 and 7 months diploma course. It has just ended on last Saturday. Last Saturday is my final exam for Risk Assessment paper in the morning session and quiz on the evening session. Why quiz? It is because for this final semester, there is no presentation due to time constraints. Yeah, just imagine how much time will it take for over 40 students in my batch to finish up all the presentation when the duration for this semester is only 1month plus.

I don't know how about you guys but for me, after my final semester ended I just feeling pretty sad. There will be no classes to attend, no presentation, no last minute doing assignment and no exam. I somehow, want to be a College Student again. I do complained in my past post about how hectic it is or how bored I am, but that was during that moment. Now, I do miss being a College Student. I want to learn more.

Being a student means that I am allowed to do mistakes as it is time for me to learn. Now, I am doing my industrial training and mistake is still allowed but later when I am working, mistake won't be acceptable. I don't know but I feels like I'm not ready yet to be a "working women".

My brother said that he too, miss our College Life. See? My brother also feels the same. I'm glad that both of us are doing well. 

What's left? The convocation that will be held on the end of this year.

The first meeting that I've attended. This is for contractors for PCSB and this monthly meeting will basically discuss about HSE matters.

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