Saturday, July 12, 2014

Give me strength

Been working for month now. It's tiring and exhausting but I'll try my best to resist the temptation to resign anytime as I'm already got my appointment letter. The thought of giving up is always pushing me so I'm going to try really hard to be mentally prepared for anything. I shouldn't give a fuck about what my colleagues might say as long as I'm doing my work as usual. I know it's hard but there's a lot of people out there who's having a tough time. Look at the immigrants who's came to our country and leaving their family behind just to work as a labourer in a construction site be it  men or a women? For them to work under the hot sun. I just couldn't imagine their pain.

At the same time, I' gonna brush up my interview skills and trying my best to improve my resume so I could get a stable job.

Woke up at 3 am by the sound of my mum coming back from the fishing trip and couldn't sleep.
Looked up to my neighbours house and wondering why they didn't go to work. Just realize that today is Saturday.

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