Friday, June 5, 2015

Earthquake in Kota Kinabalu

Today, surprisingly I woke up at 6am despite sleeping really late at 3am. Went to the office to do some pending stuff at 7am,didn't even eat breakfast. I greet my cat. Once I reach the office, one of my colleague is already there.

We heard something on the 3rd floor, then to the 2nd floor and next to the ground floor. It was a weird feeling. The whole wall is cracking, the ground is shaking. We went to the entrance and saw the workers at the canteen is gathering outside the building.

The first thing I have in mind is that I didn't know it was earthquake. I don't have any idea. My head feels dizzy. I was standing up first and then sitting down while thinking I should go under my desk.

Now as the aunties is still talking about it, I'm still having a goose bumps. My spine is cold.  My heart beating irregularly.

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