Monday, June 15, 2015

My First Date

Got some men asking for my number. Been thinking a lot but then I decided to date this on man from my workplace. I choose him because of his quality as a men.

Then, yesterday we went on a date after been friends for 3 days.

We agreed to met on the afternoon. He came on 1:30PM. I said to myself, It's fine.

We ate, I paid.

It was so awkward. Especially when his eyes on my boobs all the time. It's like my eyes is on my boobs. I thought he is the one after meeting so many bastards in the past judging how he  talked.

The effort I put in to make the relationship a success.

I don't know. Am I giving up on love? I think so. I think I better off with myself. I better date myself more. Love myself more.

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