Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's all started with

The eye contact. I've been looking out for him when I passed his work zone. When he first come to work on the 10th May.He smiled. My heart burst but I pretend to be cool. The next few days we met again. We talked to each other. Just for 5/7minutes. My heart is going to burst.

It stoApped.

Just like that.

On June 8 at 10pm,he asked for my number. I want to jumped off to hug him but I still maintain to be cool. He wrote it on his palm. I wait until the noon he still haven't contact me. In my mind,he might be lost my number while busy working.

4.00pm he asked me whether I'm busy or not. His first message to me.
We started to whatsapp a lot. Asking about each others life.

12am he asked my status. I said I'm single. He right awaysaid that he want to give us a chance. He said if it is okay to be friends first and then if I want him,are could go into the serious path.

To be continued..

*this is my first post with Love tag*

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