Sunday, January 16, 2011

College Life

It's just been 5 days since I come back to college from the mid term break...
And I already feels so tired!!
I got 6 subjects,2 more assignment at this moment!!I know there will be more later..
What else I can expect?
This is College life and of course it's tiring and boring for me..
I know college life should be more exciting but not for me..except the funny lecturer(only some of them)
 I remembered this story that been told by my lecturer last Tuesday..
He used to be working at the OFFSHORE and he said that he's lucky to be a bachelor during that time..
He said that he and his friend always goes to the pub nearby if they happened to be on shore..
You know what I mean?
Even the married men also go with them to the pub and this is the problem!
They used to have sex with the prostitute without been aware about what will happen next..
They only regretting thing after they had been diagnosed with AIDS...
 Then after going back home,sleep with their wife and pass it to their wife
So,this is it..I'm scared after heard this story..
I'm scared to be in love with someone who worked offshore..
I know this is stupid but why not?
People's change and no matter how good they are, isn't mean that they can't resist desire to have sex?
They have no choice but to do it even if the women is not their wife.Man?It's hard to resist right?

Okay..That it for now..will be back soon..
p/s need to finish off my assignment first...

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