Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too Honest?

Sunday is my favorite day because I don't need to set my alarm to wake up at 6am like usually..I can wake up as late as I want..but suddenly,at 7am I was woke up already due to the loud music played by my housemate..I was so angry..he don't even considered other people before playing his rock music..Then,I go to his room and yell at him..I even ask him to use his mind properly..and I closed my door as hard as I can..He might be feeling scared because I never heard any sounds from his room anymore..and FYI,I never talked to this guy before because he just moved into our house last week..I was the most quietest people in our house but to see me turned out to be like a tiger today must freaking him out..

My brother who happen to heard about this,feeling unhappy..He said I don't need to yelling at him that way..but I don't know..I was just too mad..Later,I found out that he is actually a member of a SUZURAN..I was like,WHATTT???frankly speaking,I'm scared..I'm scared if he will do something to me and now I'm going to apologize to him for my rudeness..

Just now my brother scold me again for my honest words to my other housemate..and he looked like hurts by my words..I don't know what else should I do..I even scold my brother back..But thinking about it back,I knew it's my fault..I'm too stubborn with my honesty..

I used to be to honest..I spit out whatever I felt in my head..My friends said that I'm way too honest and I hurt people's feeling..I have no idea unless someone's remind me..I like people been 100% honest weather it's something I like or not..

What I learned today and from my experience of hurting people for my honesty is devastating and there is nothing gained from it in any way..My exact words are it's best to be honest, but being rude for the sake of honesty isn't appreciated. I will try my best to be honest but I'll layer it with positives or compliments..that will received better I guess?


  1. I cannot agree more , I have no friends partly because I'm too frank with my words like what you've said being honest but hurt people's feeling. I dislike hypocrite people , I'll speak my mind whether you like it or not , I cannot hold my tongue , I show my unhappiness very clearly on my face and in my words , I just cannot say " you smell so good when actually you smell damn bad ! " My hubby always remind me to be mindful of my speech as I have often offended people without knowing it ........ we 2 can shake hands.....hahahha.... sama sama

  2. Yes, finally, I found someone who agree with me!!I never thought that I could find someone who has the same "honest mouth" like me...Thanks for making me feels like a normal person again..hahaa..(shake hands)
    True enough,I also have no friends because of my mouth..Yeah, hypocrite people is the one that I hate the most because they tend to be nice in front of me but then they turned out to be the one who stab me at the back..and I still think that we have the right to speak our mind right?it's our mouth after all:D