Tuesday, January 11, 2011

♥about me ♥

First impression? Cold. Once you know me? Crazily loud!! Yup. Somehow (although i have no idea why, I’m such a friendly person!) Even though most people see me as unapproachable, unfriendly and just, plain, ice cold. Well maybe that’s if you are so unlucky to have meet me on my “bad mood days” :P

I am a medium average kind of person. Not fat, not skinny...Nothing to excess, nothing not enough.Not obsessed, addicted or anything. I'm neither outgoing nor shy, but a little of both, depending on my mood, depending on the occasion. I never overdo anything and enjoy most things I do..I'm seldom bored and rarely whine.

I'm pretty, not stunning, not ugly; don't expect too much, am never too disappointed.
I'm never overwhelmed or under it either; just nicely whelmed.
Nothing spectacular but sometimes special..

I admit I don’t exactly LOVEEE meeting new people, but that’s just cause I’m a shy person! I never approach new people first unless if I really- really need to..

I talk.shout.laugh. loudly. VERY loudly. Shouldn’t control our true feelings and emotion, right?

Likes: Ribena, chocolates, FOODS, ice-creams, DOGS, CATS, midnights, family outing, shopping, laugh, drawing doodling, photography, cooking, travelling, babbling on the phone, blogging,  people who smells good, getting intoxicated, movies, sleeping, the smell when you light a match, getting all dolled up,  beaches, smell of baby powder, the smell of new cars and K pop.

Dislikes: body odour, seafood (especially fish), bitter gourd, sun, sweating, attention, back stabbers, annoying people, waiting, beer, discrimination, ice breaking activities, children, repeating myself, wars, racists, performing on stages, animal fur clothing (fuckin cruel), cruelty towards animals (dislikes HATES!), cats, drunk peoples who are very loud & scary, indecisive people, crowded places, loneliness, cigarettes and the sound made when the cutlery scratches the teeth or plate.

Expertise: crack jokes (that aren’t funny), laugh at own jokes, procrastinating, shouting, stoning, snorting like a pig, talking with super high pitch voices with puppies and dogs generally, being clumsy, being forgetful (every time I walk into a room forgetting what I went in there for), remembering useless stuff, laughing till I can barely breathe, giving advice, laughing non top without any sound and then suck in air loudly, doing a last minutes task( but still get almost a perfect outcome) and sleeping.

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