Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yesterday and today

Yesterday was 31st March 2012 which is the Earth Hour. Do I supporting it? Sorry to say, but I don't. Still remember when the past years, where I worked as the service assistant( F&B department) at this restaurant in Kinabalu Park. The whole restaurant were all dark and all of us only using a candle for 1 hour. Isn't that great? All the restaurant customer which almost 90% of them are the foreigners. They were amazed. I think there only 1 light available. I still remember hugging one of the baby belongs to one of the foreigner. I think I need to help the baby's mum since she's cannot enjoy her meal because she need to hold his son. I'm glad I was able to help her.

Today is the April Fool the day when I really hate especially during my school days. It's just something that is annoying especially the fact when people were up to something that is really over limit. I'm glad I didn't experience something that really awful during April Fool. I still remember when I am in the high school, one of my classmate said that one of the discipline teacher want to meet me and without realising it was the April Fool day, I went to that teacher. I'm glad that they were able to stopped me before I will be embarrassing myself. The only thing I remembered after that is that my classmates were laughing. That's it. I'm glad that today, in my College years it happen to be on Sunday. So, nothing happened.

Going to watch running man: the Ha Ji Won and Han Ga In episodes. Good night :))

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