Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wish me luck

...for my finals, okay? I'm going to start doing revision today. Exam is tomorrow( Monday) and I suddenly have the mood to study :). During study week, what did I do? I do NOTHING except sleeping,eating,sleeping,eating...during the entire time. I don't know why but seems like my mind and body still tired from the hectic schedule in College( excuses?;p) Also, the weather is helping me too during my hibernation because it is raining everyday and during the night it's even colder ( raining during I'm typing)

So, that's what my activity. I also didn't have the mojo to blogging but when it comes watching korean dramas, I have the mood. 

Note to self: Good luck with the exam and all the best. (Aiming 4.00 this semester (;)

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