Monday, April 2, 2012

3 weeks to go..

before the end of my 6th Semester. This 3 weeks is the most important time left for me to change my exam result. I'm going to start my revision starting today. It's not going to be easy considering the fact that I have 5 subjects this semester. Safe Work Procedure, Emergency Response Plan, Office English, Machinery Safety and Occupational Stress please be good to me :D I'm not going to do the last minute revision anymore like what I used to do for the 5 Semesters. Although I passed with flying colours in my finals but I'm not really happy with it. It's not that I'm not grateful with that, I find it a blessing from God. It's just that I think that the cramming is not a good thing. I have been thinking a lot lately. What is the purpose of taking my Diploma in Safety and Health? Am I just want to pass the exam or it's because of the education itself( knowledge) ? I promise myself that I'm going to achieve both. I'm going to have a good result in my finals. Also, to obtain an appropriate knowledge and an adequate education for my safety and health industry. I want to be a competent Safety and Health Officer. 

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