Friday, April 6, 2012

Procrastination week

This week I only have 3 classes out of 5 and it gave me the freedom to lazying around while I still have tons of stuff to be done. Am stress and that's why I procrastinate more. Sleeping timetable is messed up this month. Holy week this week which I didn't have a chance to participate. How do you expect me to go to the Church when I have no transportation at all. Besides, it is located 20 minutes from my rented house. Sorry Lord. I'm a sinner.

So, instead of doing research for my group presentations which are on Thursday and Friday next week, I do other things. Never-mind tho, because I know if I'm stress, I cannot do anything.

p/s my Bro just came inside my room and told me that one of our friend think his eyes is not that awesome anymore and remind me again, and again that I should take a good care of my eyes too ;))

I know this picture is not related to my story at all but I put it coz i liked this picture oaky :D

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