Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Torn Between The Choices For My Future

I'm still alive. Currently busy with studies as I have 1 semester left before graduating :D:D. I'm really excited yet I'm pretty scared to leave my student life because I know things will not going to be the same again when I'm working already.As a student, I have so much time learning about all of the theories but I know when I'm working later, I have to put all of these theories into practical. I don't know yet on what industry I will be working with but clearly it has to be either Oil & Gas, Shipping or Construction Industry. I've asked my lecturer who's working as a Safety & Health Executive about my future as a fresh graduate student. I know it will be a bit challenging for me to find a job as all of the vacancies requirement needed at least someone who have 3 years experience but my lecturer said it's not gonna be that hard as I will still be considered if the company really need someone to fill the position. I'm really hope so that everything will be fine :)

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