Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Sorry for being a Professional Procrastinator

I am. I'm pretty sure I am. For my 5th semester for my diploma, I'm still using this method.I liked it actually. Actually, I have only 4 days to finish up all my assignments and presentation slides as I am the group leader.I have 4 assignments and presentation slide to go. Do I regretting it now?No, I don't.Am I nuts?No,I'm not.It's just that I liked to do last minutes thingy. I've tried to do it as soon as possible when my lecturers are giving it to me LAST SEMESTER but sadly I only do it halfway. So, if I doing it like this,I mean on my way I can finish it up for 2 days only. Strangely enough? I think I can only do things well when I'm tensed.

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