Saturday, March 31, 2012

In which my bro and I shopping for books :)

Went to Popular Book store, Bintang Plaza with my Bro and 2other friends@ housemate today to finish up the balance of the Voucher. My Bro and I has spent the MYR150 last month and since today is the last date before it's due date which is today. Yeah, kinda last minute. The good thing is that my MARA loan is making it's way to my bank account. I love how efficient they worked. The money will be available every 1st day of the month. They never banking it later than that date. Okay, back to the story.

You know when there's too much books available but the voucher left is only MYR 50 so we need to choose wisely. My Bro especially having a hard time to choose his book. He want to buy the  buy " Chicken book for teenage soul" but he said it was sold out. To find men who like to read novel is quite rare. Same goes to my Bro. He's the one who didn't like the love story novel. He prefer the non- fiction book. So, he managed buy two books which are:

Meanwhile , I get this for myself. I want the " The girl with the tattoo book" but at the end I pick these book. I want the Stephen King book, Cecilia Ahern and Jodi Picoult but you know why right? I didn't have enough money. hehe. Note the 50% rebate? The  "Weird Sisters" cost is MYR 39.95 while  More Like Her" book cost is MYR 31. 90. I suppose to pay almost MYR 70++ right? but after the rebate, I paid MYR 55. 90. They take the lowest price between both of the books and the pricier book will be discounted and my second book is only cost me MYR 15. 95.  Make sure both of the book have the same 50% logo at the cover page. I know. Cheapskate right? :D I don't care because it makes me happy!

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