Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Resolutions again??

I'm pulling an all niter to finish off all of my assignment..but after been struggling for almost 12 hours..I still cannot finish it..I think it's due to my habit..procrastinate..I should do all of this assignment since last week and after been lazying for almost 1 week, I've just realize that  I've got lots things to be done..oh no..why I keep doing things last minute?

If only I do it last week, I should be enjoying my Chinese New Year break right now..My college gave us 1 week holiday because of Chinese New Year but me myself been busying my self with assignment while my other friends would be enjoying their holiday now..

I think I should discipline my self more and say a big no..no..to:

1) Face book
2) Twitter
3) Games
4) Excessive sleep
5) Excessive laziness

I think I spent to much time to go on9..I hope I can cut it off from 12 hours to only 3 hours per day..

 It's just  a month since the 2011 approaching, but seems like I already forgetting my new year's resolution..
No!! I should throw away all of this bad habit and starting a new life as a new person..
I cannot waste my parents money for sending me here...I should get a good grades to make my parents happy..Well, it's never too late right?
I should keep this in mind!!
yes!!I can do it!!

‘When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.’ Viktor Frankl

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