Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Back To....

...normal, I guess?!

Arranging some folders that have been ignored for almost 1 month already. Suddenly, I feels like I have to start doing my assignment. For 2 assignments, I only have 1 week left, 2 other assignment, I have 1 month to go and there's one assignment that haven't given. To tell you the truth, I never do my assignment 1 week earlier like my attempt this semester. I don't know, it suddenly hit me. I should change. To the better of course. So, the 2 assignments going to be my priority this week.

Yeah! The old me is back! The old "Nerd and Proud" has come back. To add to that, the perfectionist and organizing self too has back.

So, hello to old self. Nice to meet you.

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