Friday, February 24, 2012

My Saturday..

...I spent it by sleeping until 14:30. Then take a bath and sitting at the edge of my bed while dreaming. A few minutes later my brother asked if I'm hungry and I said yes. So, he cooked the lunch today. I'm grateful because he offered to cook because I'm not in the mood to do anything today.

Now, I'm sitting at my study table. Updating my blog while finding some material for my safe work procedure assignment.

I know. My saturday is the most boring way to spend. My housemate is all gone. They went to somewhere, meeting their friends etc. while me on the other way just stuck in the small room of mine ( the room that I've rent). I wonder what will my Saturday will be on the next year as I will not gonna be here anymore. I'm curious wheter my Saturday gonna change? or it will remain the same? or it will be better? I don't know. Gonna blog it next year then.

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