Sunday, February 19, 2012

Their Way Of Life in The Past..

I bet many of you will always hear from your parents how hard their life is when they're young.

My dad used to tell my siblings and I, how hard their life is.It is not easy even when they're going go to school. They ( my dad and his siblings) used to walk for hours before they reach their school. My grandfather was a heavy drinker so their life depends on my grandma. Luckily, my grandma is really hardworking and she will do almost anything to make a money. My father will help her at the paddy fields when the school was over. My grandma also sell this kind of handmade alcohol and she also selling the homemade ice cream. They have no this and no that.

Meanwhile, my mum life is not that hard. My mum having a moderate life. Both of my grandparents are working and life is not that bad compared to my fathers but they also have their downturn too.

My parents often reminds me that I should appreciate my life. No matter how hard my life is, I should always grateful for that is what God gives me. His blessings.To be thankful for all of the opportunities I have nowadays when they didn't even have a chance to feel during the past time.

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