Saturday, February 25, 2012

Korean Drama #1: The Greatest Love #2: Lie To Me

To sum up....what I've been watching lately. The drama that making me experience a great roller coaster journey about love.

"The greatest love"

I just have to love it. I think this is the greatest drama that I've seen after Autumn in my heart. It's just nice and I love it. It's not too complicated and it's making my heart feels like I'm in love. haha.

 What I watch now at this moment?

"Lie To Me"
The story is nice but I'm not really interested with the male actor. Maybe I'm still attached to Dokko Jin ;)

Still have lotsa drama to watch.  I got it from my friends who's working at the College. It's like we're having this barter system and we've been exchanging korean drama.

It's good though. Rather spending my time thinking over my problems, isn't it good to forget about it for a moment?

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