Monday, February 27, 2012

Too much to think yet very little sleep....

and it makes me so CRANKY. Thinking on how should  I done my group assignment that supposed to be a 4 person effort alone. This is why I really hate group assignment.

Feeling so down today. Didn't talk much like usual. Frustrated with myself actually because I'mm just making myself look so unfriendly. I should at least talk to this few new people in my College but I didn't do it. Sigh. Maybe it's because of my mood.

Okay, let's go to the bright side. Today, I've passed up my safe work procedure assignment and feeling so relieved. The burden at my shoulder seems reducing itself. I'm happy. Really happy. So, basically for this 6th Semester I have 4 more assignments to go.

Thinking of my parents and my little baby too, my kitten, Micky. Haish. Homesickness. Also thinking about money too. How I wish I can work now so that I can support my family and give my parents a much better life. It's not that I'm really ungrateful about my current life, it's just that I want to pay my parents for what they've done. Really, I'm going to get a job and support them financially.

Haven't sleeping for 1 day already and I think I should sleep now so my mood going to be better.

Good night~

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