Friday, May 20, 2011

The Guy on YouTube Singing with His Daughter?

These are the video's that have gone viral nowadays. I just like it. The way "this duo" singing a song. The way her daughter, Alexa sing a song. I don't know, but I think you guys gotta love it too.

"I'M JUST A FATHER OF TWO WORKING MY WAY THROUGH COLLEGE" that's what Alexa father's wrote on his channel. As I read about who they were, their past, I'm thinking that nothing is impossible. As long as you move on with your live, things will get better. I wish I could be like them. I mean not on the "fame" side, I wish that I could be strong and
never let my past effect me.

Thanks guys for making my day brighter and I just couldn't stop hitting the replays button again and again.

p/s Never let your past disappointments keep you from moving forward.

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