Monday, May 16, 2011

The Semester Break @ Holiday is Over, Now Back To College

So, yes, I'm back...The 2 weeks holiday is over and I'm going to attend my classes which started today. It will be my 4th Semester and I'm glad that I'm only have 2 subjects for this semester compare to 6 subjects on my last semester. I think things will still be tough because I need to learn, understand and mastering this subjects quickly since it will be a very short semester( 1 and a half month only). So, my subjects for this semester are:

*OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY 2 did I spent my 2 weeks holiday?? Know what??I'm using it wisely this time by spending my time more with my dear family and my pets..Micky the cat and Bianca the green turtle..I can say that I'm staying at home most of the time and I really enjoyed it...I love being surrounded by them, chatting around, joking over each other jokes, gardening, watching movies,cooking and eating together...But now, my body is still aches because I've been doing spring cleaning while at home..Am glad that my bro is lending his hand to help me to do the other heavy chores..It takes almost 3 days to clean the entire house and that's what makes me really happy..I love the fact that my parents and my siblings is living in a dust free and clean environment..Am looking forward for my next semester break...I think I want to start gardening...I hope I could make it happen..

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