Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Want To Eat Homecooked Meals

Even though I just came back from my hometown, KK few days ago, I'm started to have this feelings. The feelings where you're cravings for the meals that have been cooked by your mum, dad or even your siblings. When I reach college yesterday, my friend said that look fatter after just two weeks going back my hometown and I told her that the food at my hometown tastes the best that I've found myself eating and eating all the time like there's tomorrow. I think I gained almost 4KG. Surprise? No, I'm not because due to the amount of foods that I've eaten during that time, I know why my weight bounce that way but I still don't mind because now that I'm back here in Miri, I know for sure that the 4KG will shed itself due to my hectic students life. Btw, during holiday, I noticed that my mum and my younger sister have been cooking lotsa meat actually it was upon my request because during my 3 months here (Miri), I barely eat meat. I think I only get to eat meat only one time for that 3 months so I need to eat meat as my source of protein. Also, due to the heat at KK, they tend to cooked more "buang panas" dessert. But among all of those "buang panas" dessert, there's one "buang panas" that really caught my eyes. The one that cooked by my younger sister. Even though the color look way to dark, I'm impressed by the taste and the fragrance itself. I just love it.

Mix Red Beans Porridge

My sister cooked the red beans along with the peanuts, sago and the roasted sesame seed. I would like to have it again later on my next semester break.When i asked my sister why did she used sesame, she said it's good for the hair. And I bet she's right.

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