Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Should I Do?

So, 1 more paper to go before my exam is over, I have to do "some" revision" on my Computer Concepts notes today. Hope my bro & I could answer all the questions. Today, my paper is actually started on 7pm but the lecturer's came late and then with all the 200 students waiting in that small space, we're all drench in sweat which is seriously not uncomfortable situations before sitting for an exam. Am glad that it only lasted for 20 minutes.

Just want to share a good @ weird news. My bro is now currently working under one largest company & they happen to know that my other bro & I was taking this course of study ( Occupational Safety & Health). We still have another 1 year to go before we graduate, and now....we got the job offer..Of course, it's a good news..but I felt a bit weird about this..To know the fact that there's a company waiting@ booking for you while you're still studying..Hmm..I don't know..

So, pretty much. that's it.

p/s tomorrow is Friday...and I will be back home on Saturday...yay.. 

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