Thursday, April 7, 2011

You're Destroying Me

Dear, Ms. Janice, my intensive English lecturer.You know what?You don't deserve to be called a lecturer because you're the worst lecturer I've ever met in my 22 years of living here in this world as a student.

It's not that I don't want admit my mistakes, I sincerely apologize for my mistakes during my presentation just now. I'm already tried my best. You must remember that I'm attending your class as a student and I'm still learning. If you want me to be a perfect presenter, with a good communication skills, I'm sorry. I'm a student. You must remember that. If I'm a good speaker with a good communication skills, do you think I will to be sitting here in your class?

Your *sharp comments* really hurts me. I've already tried my best to do this presentations and you said that what I do is nothing and it's all rubbish? You should at least gives me credit for trying, for my effort wearing my formal attire trying to impress you, for my courage to stand in front of the class and in front of my 45 classmates and do the presentation.

I don't know why you should humiliate me in front of the class.Isn't it obvious that you're hating me so much?It's obvious. You said I should take the comments as a lesson but what kind of lesson would I got from that "super negative' comments. You've been criticize me for almost 15 minutes until my classmates need to stop you.

I wonder, did you do that because of personal matter?I don't know why did you hate me so much. Did I ever steal your money? No. Did I ever hurt you?No. I never meet you before and I don't even close to you. I tried to comfort myself for this past 3 semester because of what you did. You've been ignoring me in class, you never ask me a questions when you've been asking all of my your other students? You didn't give me your notes and I need to copy it from someone else. Is it my face makes you hate me so much? You've been asking others about their opinion, but when it's almost my turn, then you pick another students. I don't know. The answer is in your hands because you are the only one who know the reasons why you're treating me like this.

But one thing you should remember, you're lecturer.No matter how much you hate your students, you should at least be professional.

By the way, thanks for your rudeness that you're now destroying my confidence.

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