Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

So, today is Palm Sunday which means we're on the last Sunday of lent and it's actually the beginning of the Holy Week. I miss the moment where all of my family members going to masses together every week without fail. The most part that I've remembered the best when it comes to wake us(my bro's, sister's and I) up early in the morning if the mass is in the morning . My parents need to knocked our door a few times( a lot of times actually) to make sure that we're really awake. My parents really played a big roles when it comes to the religious thing. They never failed to remind us to pray and to always be thankful for every single thing. I have to admit that I'm not religious but I try my best to be one. 
~Happy Palm Sunday~

Everything that I am & will be it is because of God because of his majesty which captures me and love that lives within me <3

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