Saturday, April 16, 2011

When My Bro is in the Kitchen

My bro is offering himself to be a chef today..yeah..I like it because I don't need to cook today..and the things that makes me more happier is because I got a chance to taste the meals that cooked by my's not his first time to cook because he always cook for himself but it's my first to taste the meals that come from his hands..haha...It's weird when he said that he'll be cooking our dinner tonight and I was so shocked. When I'm going to the toilet and walking pass by the kitchen then I noticed all of  the roommates( men) were sitting and chatting at the dinner table..ohh..My bro don't want me to cook because of them..He don't like me to cook when they're around..and I'm glad that he's thinking that way because I also feels uncomfortable being around all of them especially when they're not my family members..credits to my bro for being a responsible bro..

Fried Chicken Wings with tomato

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