Monday, June 6, 2011

I wish I could stop myself from being an expert procrastinator

Tomorrow the class gonna start.  Feeling a bit lazy because I've been in holiday mode for 1 week ( Gawai holiday). For that 1 week holiday, I've spent my time more on on9, having a movie marathon and lots of sleep. Know what? Now I need to paid it off. I'm going to pulling an all niter today as I need to do my assignment. It's a group presentation but as a group leader, I need to do all the presentation slides which is seriously unfair. It was a group work, yet still I need to do it alone. That's why I hate doing a group work. It's just a waste of time. There's no communication at all. I could have do it 6 days ago but as you know, I'm the expert procrastinator, so what do you expect from me? Never mind, my last minute work is the best after all.So, this is what I'm going to do today:

  • Health & Safety Legislation ( I'm still quite unsure on what should I do since there's quite a lot of legislation that covered under Health & Safety. Should I include the OSHA? FMA? UBBL? I don't know yet. It's so challenging to prepare the presentations slides since the time given is only 15 minutes and my group have 5 other members)

  •  Occupational Safety 2

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