Saturday, June 18, 2011

When I First Found out about my Hyperthyroidism

A few years ago, when the doctor said that I was having a hyperthyroid, I was shocked and a bit confused. I still remember that I'll almost cried when the doctor said it to me. I know, I'm overreacting. I thought that I was going to die over this "HYPERTHYROID".But how would you feel, when you're only13/14 years old & you don't even know what is "HYPERTHYROID" is all about and someone told you that you're having it inside your body? isn't it frightening? I am.

Thanks to my mum for being the first one who noticed about it at first. My mum said she noticed that I'm having it when saw how drastically my mood, my appetite and my weight had changed.She know something is wrong and that's how my journey as a "HYPERTHYROID" patients started.


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