Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When Your Words Comforting me

So, I've been updating my FB status and saying like this;

"You're so selfish!!Don't you know how many people had suffered because of your selfishness??Please stop being so immature!!!!"

Yeah, sounds mean right but I really cannot hold it anymore. I really hope that the person will read it.  That person didn't know how many people had suffered because of her actions. My family & I already forgive her last time when she's done the biggest mistake in her life but seems like she didn't take it as a lessons. 

What touched me the most is when my classmate give me his "kind words" that I think is really comforting me. Thanks to him that now I felt much better. 

This is what he said in reply to my status;

"A selfish person believes that he or she can survive alone. So, fulfill his/her wish and leave that person alone. Your time, energy and mind is better of elsewhere. That person doesn't deserve your attention bah. You, on the other hand, deserve better."

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