Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why?Last Minute Again?

Yes, I admit it. I've made last minute assignments again. I don't know why but seems like I'll always stick with this kind of "bad attitude" as it's suit me the best. I think other people may have other ways right?Some says to me that my "last minute attitude" is just way too dangerous as I may do it very the cincai one but I know I'm not that kind of person who would do a cincai work even though it's a last minute one.

For this semester, I've only have 2 subjects as this is a very short semester. What makes it challenging to me is that I need to do all the assignments in a very SHORT time. I'm the group leader for this 2 group which means I'm the leader for both of my subjects. So, I need to do@  be well prepared for  this GROUP PRESENTATION as I need to do my other 2 individual assignments. I think I need to make sure that I'm going to pass it up in this week because all this week is the dateline.

Why I didn't do it earlier?Why?It's just that when under pressure my brain is forced to think harder & job done quickly haha

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