Monday, June 20, 2011

My Bro & I

My Bro: You should sleep now.

Me: Of course, I will but give me 15 minutes.

My Bro: *Peeking through my door & saw my lap top was on*
               You know what, I think you should discipline yourself more. That's what you need.      

Me: Just stared at him until he's off to his own room.

Urghhhh...I know. I know. Things getting worse here. I mean my insomnia. Yesterday, I've sleep only at 11:30 am and then I woke up at 5pm. My Bro don't like my sleep pattern & asked me to discipline myself. He think I should force myself to sleep because it's possible. I've been putting an all niter because of my lap top.So, I better off to bed now before my Bro checking on me again later.

Good Night~

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