Monday, June 6, 2011

Moody Day

Like what I said I'm in the process of doing my group assignment where's the task been fully done by me. So, after pulling an all niter, reading and doing lots of research about the topic : Health and Safety Legislation, I start to write down all the useful information as my raw material. Today, I show it to my lecturer, know what he said? He said I don't need to do it too detailed, all he want was the general one only. So I've been wasting my time doing things a bit too much. As you know I'm a perfectionist so this is what happen to myself today. My head going to explode after reading all the legislation thingy. You know what I mean right? The words are really hard to be understand but I still managed to understand it at the end. But what I got? Rejection. I'm tired, frustrated and currently in a really bad mood mode.

See ya

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