Sunday, June 12, 2011

MyTypical Sunday

It's Sunday and it's the time where I'll relaxed the most. No, not because I've done my assignments. It's because today is Sunday and all I can said is that I've trained to myself to "do nothing" on Sunday or you can said it's really an unproductive day for me. Well, at least I did wash my hair. I think I will miss this moment later. The moment where I'm sitting alone in my room, listening to some music while having breakfast, sleep as long as I want, helping my Bro with his assignments, chatting and laughing with him, do everything I want and arranging my notes for class tomorrow. I think I will miss it a lot when I'm working later. The homesick I felt which makes me stronger. The unbearable feelings I felt where I really miss my family especially when I need them during my hard times, but I know all of this things is useful for me. I'm getting stronger and stronger as times goes by. I will appreciate every moments in my life, even though it a bad or good time, it's still the only time I have after all.

p/s To my dear family, don't worry about me, I'll be a good person and I'm not going to disappoint you guys. This is my promise.

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