Friday, March 2, 2012

Bad or Good situations, it's a blessing from Him~

Lent seasons, I think is the most challenging period for me. I don't know if it only me I do find it challenging. The temptations are 2 times tempting so I have to be strong to resist it all.

Last night, I have been scolding someone because she didn't co- operate with me. I'm almost explode but I don't and I think I still show the sign of anger to that person. After what happened, I began to regret it. It's lent but I cannot even holding the anger for the sake of this lent season. Realize it now and am not going to let it happen any more.

FYI, last night also something good happened. My bro, friend and I used to buy snacks, drinks, chicken skewers and the various  kind of fritters  at this one market that is only open on Thursday until Saturday from 14:00 until 22:30. So last night we went to this one stall. They sell the most delicious snacks and cakes too. I said I want to buy that is worth MYR 2.00 and I can get 6 pieces of them. Suddenly, the auntie putting all the things left in the containers to my plastics and said that the rest is free. She's been giving the other leftover for the different kind of cakes too and it's worth more that MYR 10.00 o_O. That was really kind of her. She even asked my friend who'd just arrive at her stall( he's on his way to buy some too) and the auntie said "you want it?I give it for free" and my friend said "sure!". We're so full that we cannot finished it all and now it was in the fridge. The auntie is so nice.

It's feels so good and I think it's a blessings from God. The auntie like having this instinct that my friends and I are coming from another state and maybe she think we're pitiful too. I'm not sure but I'm really grateful and I hope she will be blessed for doing a good deeds. I hope her business will go well too. May God bless her and her family. Amen.

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